Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Word of the Day - Dawdle

Do you ever catch yourself saying something over and over? I'm not referring to phrases like "Go clean up your toys" and "Did you wash your hands?" Repeating yourself because the kids' ears aren't working and using words frequently are two entirely different things. What I'm talking about are those certain words in your own vocabulary that you fall back on and often don't even realize it. For example, during one of our trips back to Iowa while living in LA, I was told by a cousin that I often said "Dude" without realizing it. (That was before I moved back and regained my Midwest vernacular.)

Then the other day, I had a revelation… I say "dawdling" a lot. A lot. Usually directed at or about Miss M and Miss K. As in "Girls, quit dawdling and eat your dinner." "Girls, quit dawdling and get dressed." "Hurry up, you're dawdling." I'm certain DH could provide me a list of other words I use ad infinitum but I say this one so much that even I realized it. Did I mention that I say it a lot?

Do you know what your word is?


  • Anonymous

    Ha. Yes, this happens to me a lot. Or I'll notice my partner doing it and I'll have to comment, or I find myself picking up her "phrase of the week". It can annoy me when I catch myself doing it.