Friday, February 1, 2008

How to Tuck a Kid into Bed

Generally, I'm the one who takes care of getting the kids ready for bed. Even on days when the kids specifically ask for Daddy to tuck them in, I make an excuse to get him out of it. Something akin to "Dad has work to do so I get to tuck you in." I often view it as a chore because they want to play, be ornery or find an excuse to have me come back upstairs the second I get comfy on the couch – all of which gets extremely tiresome. So when DH offers to read to them and sing to them, I usually tell him "No, I'll take care of it."

Each night after brushing their teeth, we read two books together. As I tuck each of them in individually, they get to select one song, create a new one to sing or ask me to make up a new song. Lately though, they've been asking for "Daddy to sing a new song" to them. I finally talked him into filling me in on why his "new songs" are so much better than mine because I obviously need some tips. He explained that every time he tucks them in, he sings the same song to them but switches it up a little to personalize it and make it a little different. It was sweet and the girls obviously love it.

Tonight while he was tucking them in, there was so much giggling I could hear it all the way downstairs. I realized that when I tuck them in, it's all business. Stick to the routine. I chat with each of the girls for a short while before singing to them. Sometimes about events to come, other times about the day we just finished. But we don't really get to the level of giggling I heard from them tonight. Ever.

This is a good reminder that it's not a chore - it's a benefit of being a parent. And the best way to tuck a kid into bed is Daddy's way… ending the day on a happy note… laughing.


  • Michele

    I'm sorry to keep raving about this but I just got off a very long phone conversation with my Mom and she was giving me the run-down of how she used her basket of greeting cards. She told me each person and why she sent the card. She is having such a great time with those cards so thanks yet again for a great idea. I'm going to put another packet together and send to her in a few weeks because I think she is going to be out of cards quickly : )

  • Nicole Brady

    Thanks, Michele... you totally made my day. In my very first Saving Money on Christmas Shopping post, I said "Even if only one person manages to make use of information from my blog, I'll consider it a success."

    And feel free to rave about it all you want - better than you telling me you hate my ideas! :)



    My hubby and I flip flop you at bedtime. I do it MOST every night, but they hate when daddy does it because he is no fun. I will tickled them and pray with them and encourage them to sing the song to me that night or whatever just to change it up a bit. I think it is because at bed, I realize I didn't enjoy them as much as I could or should have all day!

  • Heather

    That's good advice, but so hard to stick to at the end of the day when your so tired and just ready for them to be asleep already. But, there's nothing sweeter than the sound of children laughing. I'll try to remember that tonight at bedtime.

  • Michele

    OK, I finally had time to read your posts that I've missed and I have to say I'm the exact same way at bedtime. I feel like it's a chore ... and we only have one kid ... and my husband makes it a game. So much so that I have to keep reminding him that it's getting late ... get a move on, etc. I feel like the bad cop and he is the good cop having fun with Zoe. I really do need to lighten up but I'm always so tired by that point that I just want to get her in bed so I can make her lunch, clean up a bit and get in bed myself. It's definitely a balancing act.

  • Nicole Brady

    Angie - So glad you've figured out how to be upbeat at the end of the day! I hope to be that way sometime!

    Heather/Michele - Glad that I"m not the only one that feels it's tough. I look forward to their bedtime so I can have some "me" time and when they delay delay delay, it means no "me" time. Thank goodness for the DVR so I actually get to watch TV sometimes.