Monday, February 11, 2008

Five then Driving then Married

Miss M recently had a birthday and turned five. F-I-V-E. On her birthday, she proudly proclaimed that she's "Almost six" then proceeded to say "Then I'll be seven then eight...(continued) ...then sixteen and I get to drive a car." Excuse me? You're five and you're already thinking about driving? We're in for a very rough eleven years.

Then tonight, while I was tucking her in, it got worse. She was admiring my necklace and asking about it. "I love your beautiful necklace, Mommy. Who gave it to you?"
We've been through this before, so I replied "Who do you think gave it to me?"
She said "Grandma L and Pappa M."
I said "That's right."
"Why did they give it to you?" she asked.
We really haven't talked about it in that much detail so I decided I would play along. "They gave it to me when I finished going to school."
"How old?"
"When I was about 18, a long time ago. Maybe I'll give you a necklace when you're done with school, too."

"You have a long way to go, honey."
I guess she got bored with that line of questioning, so she moved on to "How old are you?"
"Well, honey, I'm 37 and I'll be 38 on my next birthday."
"When I'm 38, I'm going to be a neighbor and be married."
She's really into the idea of neighbors because we keep baking cookies for them when we get new ones. Where she came up with "married" is beyond me. Deep breath. "That's right, you'll be married when you're 38."
Then she asked "Are you going to be married when you're 38?"
"Honey, I'm married to Daddy. He's my husband."
"Oh, who am I going to be married to?"

"I don't know, honey. You'll have to find your Prince Charming."

When I tuck her in tomorrow night, if she asks me about having kids, I'm going to cry.