Thursday, February 21, 2008

Counting to 100... and back!

Miss M has done well with her numbers for quite a while so it didn't surprise me that she quickly picked up on addition and subtraction when DH started to teach her. She likes to count to 100 by 10's and loves pointing out numbers whenever possible. From her car seat, she's able to see the speed limit signs as well as the speedometer, so it's made for some interesting conversations. She just turned 5, so while I feel that she is ahead of the curve on this, I don't have anyone to compare her to.

But last night during dinner, I was caught off guard by her counting game. Instead of her usual 1, 2, 3... all the way to 100. She decided to start at 40 and count backwards. Wow. For me, it was exciting because it was something new - a milestone I hadn't witnessed yet. DH asked if she could count backwards from 100. After a very short pause, she started "100...(think for a second)...99...(think for a second)...98..." and the rest was history. Once she realized she had the sequence correct, she flew through the rest of the numbers back to 1.