Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Classic Car Calendar Contest results

Back in November, I made a plea for people to vote for my brother's car in a local radio station contest. I've been meaning to post a 'thank you' to everyone who voted, but I guess I let it fall through the cracks. When my brother showed up at Miss M's birthday party with the printed calendar in hand, I realized that I still hadn't let everyone know how he did! Here's the update: My brother was the top vote-getter. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen.

DH helped my brother get the car to the photo shoot… classic car, convertible, December, snow, freezing cold. The car needed to be washed when it got to the warehouse. Some shots of the photo shoot taken from Dwyer's phone are posted on the Dwyer & Michaels website. Not the best pictures, but you get the idea. My brother's car is the first one on their webpage (the white Austin-Healey replica with the chickadee perched parade-style on the back.)

The calendars are now available and they turned out really cool. My brother's car ended up as July, surrounded by blue cases of Bud Light – plus one neon Bud light sign and a scantily clad girl.

Thanks again to everyone for voting!