Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always Room to Learn Something New

Late last night, I was monkeying around with FeedBurner to change my RSS feed. I spent quite a bit of time reading about Atom, RSS and XML. Found out about a ton of different RSS reader services (I personally use Google Reader and love it), and generally experimented with some changes to the blog. FeedBurner has a bunch of fancy features and I'm excited about learning what it has to offer.

I tried changing the template around some, too. There were a few bumps in the road that needed to be smoothed out, but I think (we) eventually got there. What resulted was a long conversation with DH about my blog and the technical aspects behind the RSS feed. It was an enjoyable conversation and I actually felt like my brain was working. Being a SAHM, I don't get a lot of deep thought-provoking technical issues to deal with. The blog has been an opportunity for me to really push myself to learn something new. And thank goodness that DH is sharp when it comes to computer stuff. What he doesn't know, he reads about and quickly absorbs. Tech Support available just one room away for all those times when I goof things up on my computer.

I'm learning, little by little, and that's what counts. Eventually, when I decide I want to return to work, I won't feel like I spent the child raising years eating bon bons and watching information and technology pass me by. Thanks DH for all your help and encouragement!

PS: This is my first new post since switching to the FeedBurner RSS - hope it makes it to everyone safe and sound!


  • Anonymous

    Hey Nicole,

    Keep reporting about your progress on this. It's informative, and gives me some ideas for my own nascent blog.

    And to save me some backtracking, who is DH?

    Sonny Amou

  • Nicole Brady

    Hi Sonny! Thanks for reading!

    DH = Darling Husband
    On days when I'm not so happy with him, I can still appropriately call him DH but substitute the D. hehe

    For future reference, MIL is Mother-in-law.