Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Free Drugs

If you're here for anything other than legal prescriptions, move along please. This is just for honest people looking for a way to save some money on their prescriptions. In this case, nothing tops getting them free.

I've talked before about how we don't have insurance. I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to save money on bloodwork or prescriptions. Although I haven't posted about it, several pharmacies have gotten on the $4 generic prescription bandwagon. Even better, $4 for a 30 day prescription or $10 if you get a 90 day prescription. When we lived in California, I surfed my prescriptions. In other words, I moved from pharmacy to pharmacy based on who had the best prescription transfer coupon floating around. My copay was $10 so I ended up either even or $10 up since most transfer coupons were either $10 or $20 (with an occasional $25).

But I stopped surfing my prescriptions when I found out that Sam's Club had awesome prices. They were one of the first to have discount pricing for non-insurance prescriptions. But now that there are so many companies doing that, the transfer coupons are back in play. Last month, I transferred my prescription to Target using a $10 transfer coupon. I received a 90 day supply for $10 then received a $10 gift card to use on a future purchase. I essentially walked out with 90 days of prescription for free.

But I didn't bother to mention it since the transfer coupon was expiring... Until now. In today's Target ad (at least our local one), there was another $10 prescription transfer coupon! If you have a regular prescription or even have a non-regular one that needs to be filled, it's worth finding out if it's on the $4/30 day or $10/90 day list. Take advantage of the coupon, transfer your prescription to Target and net yourself some free drugs. When you're ready for another refill, you can always transfer it back to wherever you had it before or somewhere else if another coupon shows up. Nothing better than getting something you need for free.


  • Sarah

    Do you have Safeway stores by you? I have 2 coupons for $30 gift cards for transferring your prescription. And I don't really have an prescriptions and hopefully will not need any anytime soon.
    So, if you have a Safeway and would like one, I could mail it to you. Let me know!
    I also did not know that you have another blog. That is very cool! Was it hard to start up?

  • ParentingPink

    Wow! I think it's great you've found a way to help cut back on prescription costs for your family. Thankfully, we do have health insurance, but I feel for all of the families that don't. I'm really glad to hear that so many companies have started helping families by offering lower prices!

  • runningwildkids

    You know Hy-Vee give some free gas out after having so many prescriptions filled there too!

    Any Help is something for the pocketbook!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, this really helps!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome article! Congrats!

  • Nina

    I had no idea, I always go to the same place and pay what ever it cost and in the past when I have switched I did't know of any deals. I guess I need to be watching things a little closer. Thanks!

  • Anonymous


    Very well said in this posted article. Anyway, that was a wise decision which save you a lot of money to spend but be also aware on those fraud pharmacies. keep it up...