Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I'm not sure what has happened to all of my free time.  Each day starts and each day ends and in the middle I feel like I'm getting nothing accomplished.  My mornings start with getting Miss M ready for school then I try to hit the gym for an hour.  Lunchtime means getting Miss K ready for school then I have an hour or so while she's gone before I need to run to pick her up.  Once the kids are home... well, we all know what THAT is like.

It's really not a bad thing, I guess.  I'm not getting anything accomplished because I've changed my priorities a bit.  Miss K is constantly craving attention and asking for someone to play with while Miss M is at school.  For quite some time, I was spending so much time on my blogs that I didn't make time to play with her.  She's four and has plenty of toys that she can play independently with.  But she wasn't very happy every time I said "Maybe later" or "Not right now".  I could see her little heart break when her "Plitty Please" requests went unanswered. 

Lately, I've tried to be a better mom and dedicate more time to her each day.  Sometimes she'll help me with cleaning, but more often than not it's what she wants to do. It's either a game, coloring or something like Polly Pocket or Barbie... but we do it together and I try to make sure she knows that I'm not ignoring her.  Next year she'll be in Kindergarten all day and I'll have plenty of time on my hands.

Instead, for now, I'm ignoring my blogs a little.  I pop online and check my email several times a day and work on draft posts for my review blog.  But I'm actually behind on that also.  I enter a contest here or there (and actually won a big one that I can't discuss on this blog because I think it violates the BlogHerAd agreement).  I've worked hard to establish some great contacts for my review blog so I need to keep it up but family needs to come first.

I try to keep my blog positive and upbeat but I haven't been able to put it together.  There's so much I have running through my head that I want to talk about, but sitting at the computer for only a few minutes at a time just isn't enough to get the thoughts on virtual paper without sounding all muffled.  But honestly, muffled is how my thoughts feel these days.

So for now, I'll play with Miss K and blog when I can.  I just hope my friends will all still be here reading when I finally get my groove back.  Please bear with me while I find my footings... I'll post when I can and hopefully that will be a little more regularly one of these days. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Want to Come to My Party?

Before Miss K was born, DH and I followed the South Beach diet. I've tried a few of their products but it's been a while so I can't really comment on them. Since I believe in the diet and the products, I applied to host a South Beach House Party but didn't make the cut.

In the meantime, House Party launched a new aspect of their site - the "AfterParty". I was invited to participate in it. For a House Party, I would have received a goodie bag of products to share with any of my friends that attended the party at my house. But the "AfterParty" doesn't include any kind of kit, samples or swag.

I asked myself, "How on earth can I promote an online party for a product I know so little about?" Why would I want to even 'host' an un-party like this? I didn't sign up for it but was selected to host it simply because I applied for the original HouseParty. Sigh. If I don't do something, I'll likely get blackballed from other HouseParty events. That wouldn't be any good since I've had a lot of fun with the Hershey's Bliss, Aveeno and XBox 360/Netflix ones that I have participated in.

So I'm going to do something different. I'm going to ask if anyone is interested in being invited to an online party for South Beach products. What's in it for you? Special offers and promotions, coupons, recipes and who knows what else. House Party has promised it will be worth the effort.

Either leave me a comment with your email so that I can invite you or send me an email requesting to be invited.

Keep Believing

Dear Angie -

Heartfelt "Happy Anniversary" to you.

Keep Believing...

Dear Readers -

Angie is the author of Keep Believing. Today is her anniversary - somewhat bittersweet since her husband, Brian, lost his battle with cancer this past March 17th.

If you are interesting in helping, Keep Believing Fund has been set up to assist the family.