Friday, November 27, 2009

Do You Shop

Every time I turn around, I swear I'm hearing about They started off selling shoes but now they've extended into housewares, too. It's only a matter of time before they add electronics and whatever else. Why do I say that? Because earlier this month, Amazon completed the acquisition of them.

I've never purchased from I've never done a review for their products on, my review blog. I don't even participate in their affiliate programs. But by way of my public relations contacts, I do receive information about various promotions and contests they are running. As part of a recent press release, I found out that for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, they have opened up their VIP Club registration. Free. The offer is only available until midnight on 11/30.

So what? You don't shop there? As I said, neither do I. But once upon a time, I didn't shop at Amazon, either. And now that Amazon owns Zappos, who knows what will come. Who knows what the VIP program will bring in the long term. What I DO KNOW is that their VIP program offers free overnight shipping for life. Seriously.

I'm not being paid to share this information and I'm certainly not getting any cool products (or I would be talking about this on!) I'm sharing it because I think it's a great opportunity. Go ahead and sign up for the VIP program. It doesn't cost anything.

Oh... and by the way, once upon a time Amazon only sold books.

Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Bettendorf Box Scrounge

Dear Box Scrounge in Bettendorf,

I woke up this morning to find cardboard strewn across my driveway. Thank you very much for putting your need for boxes over the clean way I attempted to recycle my cardboard.

You see, that very nice huge box that you took was holding all my other recyclable cardboard. When you took that box, you left behind an unsightly, unorganized mess. Thankfully, there weren't strong winds last night carrying my cardboard all across the neighborhood.

If you were in need of boxes, you could have come during the daylight hours, knocked on my door and asked. I would have said "Sure, I know what it's like to need boxes during a move or cleanup project." I probably would have even logged onto the local Craigslist and done a search for moving boxes. Then I would have given you my boxes and found another way to keep my cardboard organized for the recycling man.

If you found it necessary to take boxes in the middle of the night, you could have at least had the courtesy to bring twine along and clean up the mess you left behind.

What ever happened to common sense?

Nicole, Bettendorf resident