Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Bettendorf Box Scrounge

Dear Box Scrounge in Bettendorf,

I woke up this morning to find cardboard strewn across my driveway. Thank you very much for putting your need for boxes over the clean way I attempted to recycle my cardboard.

You see, that very nice huge box that you took was holding all my other recyclable cardboard. When you took that box, you left behind an unsightly, unorganized mess. Thankfully, there weren't strong winds last night carrying my cardboard all across the neighborhood.

If you were in need of boxes, you could have come during the daylight hours, knocked on my door and asked. I would have said "Sure, I know what it's like to need boxes during a move or cleanup project." I probably would have even logged onto the local Craigslist and done a search for moving boxes. Then I would have given you my boxes and found another way to keep my cardboard organized for the recycling man.

If you found it necessary to take boxes in the middle of the night, you could have at least had the courtesy to bring twine along and clean up the mess you left behind.

What ever happened to common sense?

Nicole, Bettendorf resident


  • Anonymous

    This is actually a major problem here in San Diego, with a lot of really desperate people combing alleys and recycling bins for stuff they can recycle for $. I'm pretty torn about it, mainly for the same reason you mention here. One hand says you know, they probably need it more than me, the other says, can you not mess up my yard in the process???


  • Quirky Momma

    My neighbors did that to my lawn today! The kids wanted the newspaper bags so they took the bags off the newspapers dropped off on everyones driveways, the wind blew and all of our front yards are covered with, well, newspaper. Urgh!