Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When Karma Fights for You

I hate to admit that it's been a rough month for me.  I'm out of my regular routine. Little things here and there, DH sick, kids sick, chaos with the kids starting two new schools. Just life in general. It's been getting me a bit down and I haven't put in the blog time I like to.

I have spent a few minutes each day entering blog contests though. Not the most productive way to spend the few minutes, but it makes me smile.

With all the things that haven't been perfect lately, Karma decided that I needed a little help...
This is what arrived in the mail the other day.  Two T-Mobile cell phones thanks to a contest at Tech Savvy Mama.  A Blackberry Pearl and a Nokia 5310 Music Phone.  I entered it thanks to my friend, Nyssa, and couldn't believe that I actually won! If you have kids that have cell phones or you are thinking of giving cell phones, be sure to check out T-Mobile's Family Allowance plan. It's a slick service that allows you some controls on what they are using their phone for and when.

To top it off, I also won a Laurie Berkner CD from Mommy Goggles and Snacktrition nuts and fruits from One Book Two Book.

Maybe things are looking up.  Thanks Karma!

Update - I just received an email this morning (9/3/08) that I won a set of Matchmaster Soccer games from Mommy Daddy Blog!