Monday, September 15, 2008

He's NOT my boyfriend

I realize I haven't been posting much lately.  It's partially because I've been uninspired and partially because I've had other things clouding my brain.  I really haven't been myself lately.  When I have found a few minutes of clarity, I've spent it working on SAHM Reviews, my review site.  I've been getting some really great stuff to review along with some fun extras to give away to my readers.  I didn't realize how addicting and overwhelming it would become.

Before I go any further, let me tell you something about my personality.  I put a great deal of value on a person's name.  If I say "Hello" to someone, I like to be able to address them by name.  It's more personal and more inviting.  When someone new starts taking the same class as me at the gym, I'm the first one to ask her name.  Whether it be the top executive or the janitors, at work or a social location, I try to learn their names.   It's something I've always done and I think it makes people feel important.  And it makes me smile to know that they care enough to address me by name, too. 

I've known my mail lady's name since we moved here.  Each time we relocated, I would wait by the mailbox on one of the first days so that I could introduce myself.  But it wasn't until I started getting stuff several times a week that I realized I didn't know the name of the UPS driver yet, the Fedex driver or the DHL driver.

But the other day, UPS showed up with a package I've been anxiously awaiting.  The truck pulled up outside and DH jokingly yelled "Honey, your boyfriend is here."  Followed immediately by both my girls yelling "Mom, your boyfriend is here!"

Yes, he brings me stuff.  Yes, I look forward to his arrival.  But good grief, he ISN'T my boyfriend.  I don't even know his name!


Thank goodness for 15 wonderful years of marriage and a husband that can joke about the UPS guy being my boyfriend.


  • runningwildkids

    This is so funny! Kids do say the darndest!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that most UPS guys are so darn good looking too? It must be that brown uniform. lol And around here, they tend to wear the shorts and short-sleeved shirts well into November. It must be to show off all those muscles they get from tossing around the heavy packages. :)
    It's a good thing your husband understands that being buddies with the delivery guys goes with the frugal and freebie lover's territory.

  • Sarah

    My only question is: did the UPS man hear your family yelling that? :-)

  • Anonymous

    Its amazing how you manage to be Ms.Amity to everyone, memorizing their names is indeed fantastic!You're kids say the cutest things!

  • Anonymous

    Hehe, that is really funny. It is great thing to have such a great family, whose members know to be humorous. I am sure you are proud of you family!

  • Anonymous

    Nicole, thanks for a funny story, but one with a more serious undertone. I think folks don't always realize what a difference it can make if we go through the trouble of learning the names of people we get to see day after day, in all sorts of capacities. That simple gesture of using somebody's name can have a huge impact.

  • Loida Cruz

    Hello Nicole. I enjoyed reading your blog, it sure made me smile.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nicole,

    It's nice to see the girls all grow up. They are beautiful, I still remember Madison playing at my desk. I hope you, Scott and the girls are doing great in Iowa.

    Maria Arias

  • Nicole Brady


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  • Anonymous

    That is so cute! Your kids are really adorable and have a nice sense of humour.
    And i am jealous of you - you get so many goodies to review :P Send some my way too ;P