Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it Fishing or Catching?

There's been a bit of a break in blog posts lately. I know, you missed me. Thanks. I missed all of you too. Really. I've been miserable and grumpy because my schedule has been all out of whack.

Well, I have a perfectly good excuse. We were on vacation. We were away visiting my MIL and celebrating our 15th anniversary. DH had wanted to take us on a family cruise but I didn't realize that children's passports only last 5 years. It's okay, I had a great time and so did the girls.

Anyway, my laptop went kuh-flooey and I wasn't online as much as I had hoped to me. I have a whole slew of blog posts to do and I only got one done - my anniversary one! That was the important one, anyhow.

So here's an example of one of the blog posts sitting in queue... better late than never, right?
My MIL lives in a neighborhood where all the houses are built around a lake. While we were there, she took the kids to WalMart and let them pick cute little kid fishing rods. We got up one morning and headed to the stocked lake to let the girls go fishing. Our first family fishing outing!

Of course, only some of the houses have yards against the lake so we headed off to a house owned by one of MIL's friends.

Unfortunately, we stood there and watched the fish congregate several houses down. Private property though, so we cast our lines and waited. After a few minutes, the owner of the house came outside and tossed something into the water. Apparently he does it a few times a day and now have the fish trained outside his house! He invited us to use his yard so we moved all our gear down to his place.

DH did all the yucky stuff like bait the hooks with the really smelly stuff, remove the fish when we caught it and toss it back in. Grammy was official photographer and I got to do all the fun stuff. You know, giggle as the girls caught the fish then help them reel it in.

While DH was trying to get us situated, Miss K caught a fish! Literally, that fast. Before we had hers off the hook, Miss M caught one.

They both thought it was cool and wanted to fish some more! DH baited up the line and we went to work again. And each caught another fish that fast. Again. Those of us that know what fishing is really like were absolutely amazed at how quickly the fish were biting. But hey, they were used to getting their morning chow while the owner was having his morning coffee. Who were we to complain?

We didn't want to overstay our welcome and at the same time, didn't want to sour what had turned out to be a wonderful experience. We called it a day and now know that catfish and carp can be trained with dog food.

We brought the fishing rods home with us after vacation and hope to find a lake nearby that can match the excitement. My only concern is that the next time it will be more like genuine fishing and less like catching!


  • Anonymous

    I love those pictures. The same thinng happened to us this summer. It got to the point that I didn't want Maddie to catch anymore fish because I was ready to leave, but she was having too much fun. It was nothing like my memories of fishing- hours of just sitting there and catching maybe 1 or 2 fish.

  • Unknown

    Sounds like fun. Last time I went fishing, I caught a goose in the bill.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sitting here trying to think of ponds/lakes you can take the girls to but nothing is popping up cept for a lake near my house and one about 13 minutes from my house and that's a bit far of a drive for you. I'm going to ask my dad if he knows of any place on your side of the river and I'll let you know.

    Sounds like you had a great time though :)

  • Trish

    So glad you had a good time! Our anniversary is Saturday, but I am working in the special needs room at church that night, so we are going out tomorrow night to just be by ourselves for a few hours. :)

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a good trip, Nicole! Reminds me of the time when I learned how to switch an air filter with my late grandfather. I got totally dirty and rolled it down the road. It was a great day.


  • Fulcher Family

    I am already trying to decide where mine will go next year! :) Thanks for the goodies from your garden. We ate some of the cherry tomatoes last night on a salad. They were yummy! I can't wait to try the onion tonight.

  • Sabrina

    Looks like they had a lot of fun! I have never heard of fish sticking around at 1 house! That is interesting!

  • Anonymous

    It must be catch fishing today... Did she have anything for dinner on those rods?