Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When a Picture Tells the Story

I haven't been at my blog much lately... between family things, travel, illness and, oh yeah, LIFE, I just haven't had the time to read or write. It's discouraging because I've really started to enjoy the whole blog thing - both sharing my stories and following along with all my favorites.

DH knows I'm not myself these days; I can't hide my perpetual frumpy mood. He called me into the office where he was diligently working on his computer and asked "What kind of picture do you want for your blog?" He reads my blog and knows that I'm not fond of the stock photo that came with my new template. So he took matters into his own hands to fix it for me. I gave him a few ideas and had him look through my Lightroom photo archives. As I zipped through the files, a photo of the girls caught his eye and he asked me for it. A short while later, he called me back into the office. He had applied his graphics magic and came up with the photo that now graces my blog.

I hope everyone likes it as much as I do. I'll have a reason to smile whenever I launch my blog and I hope it makes you smile too.

(Thanks DH. You're awesome.)