Monday, March 10, 2008

They Must Have Given Me The Wrong Baby

I've decided that Miss K is NOT mine. The hospital obviously mixed things up and sent me home with the wrong child.

Let me explain…

Miss K and I were playing yesterday afternoon while Miss M was still napping. We have a Little People castle and she repeatedly insisted that the Little People not get to play in it. They were banished from the castle to the land of toy box… as she has done on previous occasions. Dora, Snow White and the princess cake toppers (you know, the set from the birthday cake) have castle priority even though Dora has her own castle.

So I finally just asked Miss K if she was tired of the little people and if we needed to get rid of them. She said "Yes, we need to get rid of them." Hmmm. I asked about her interest in the Little People castle and she said she wasn't done with it. She hasn't played with the actual Little People for a while, so I thought it was a good opportunity to throw the Little People Bus and Ferris wheel sets into the yard sale stack. As I was gathering the pieces up to take to the basement, she proceeded to go through the toy box and tell me what other toys to get rid of. THAT'S when I realized something was fishy. I lean to the side of packrat on most occasions and typically only purge when it's obvious that something has to go.

Then I started thinking. She likes to shop for shoes and pretty dresses. I, on the other hand, hate shopping for clothes for myself.

Hand her a dust rag or broom and away she goes. We've already discussed my propensity for cleaning, so we don't need to rehash it.

Thank goodness, like me, she has a really big sweet tooth and is great at jigsaw puzzles (Age 3 and doing 150 piece puzzles) otherwise I would be on the phone with the hospital right now asking where MY child is.


  • Unknown

    There are days I insist wee one is not mine, and then I remember he was born at home. Kinda hard to confuse him with someone else's child. So I just blame my husband.


    I kknow the feeling. Wait, my kids are adopted, so that nurture versus nature is ALWAYS in my mind.

    I just get mad becaue my kids never play with their toys and probably wouldnt notice if I purged half of them.


  • katydidnot

    well...i've got you beat. i'm pretty sure mine are aliens sometimes.

  • pb&j in a bowl

    I've just decided that mine is just plain weird. Her dad and I are both weird, too, but in a normal sort of way. She's not normal.

  • judy

    Ihave two just like me and two that came from some alien sperm.

  • Rachel

    That's so cute.
    I think we all have those days, you know the ones. We really want to call and ask tell them the jig is up. We would like our real child now. Then that same child spouts off or does something so eerily similar to your mom or your great uncle hoo hah and you know without a doubt they're yours. DNA and kids... a joke on parents for years.

  • Nicole Brady

    Thanks for all the great comments, everyone. It's nice to know that I'm not losing my head! Now I'm starting to wonder at what age that I'll start thinking they are aliens because that seems to be a common theme! hehe

  • OHmommy

    LOL at katydidnot's comment!!!!

    I wonder the same thing every day. Nice post! Made me smile!