Saturday, February 5, 2011

Appetizer Recipe: Spicy Pizza Thins

Growing up, we celebrated the family Christmas with a meal of all appetizers. One of my favorites was a Pizza Thin recipe that my family had made for as long as I can remember. Now that I'm older, I still love it and enjoy it but have been inspired by #FranksRedHot to jazz it up a bit. (And I'm entering this in Frank's RedHot Recipe Contest!)

Spicy Pizza Thins
1 Pkg Cocktail Rye
1 16 oz Pkg Sausage
1 Lb Processed Cheese Loaf
1 can Pizza Sauce
Franks Original Hot Sauce to Taste

Brown sausage; drain well
Cut cheese into small pieces; melt
Add pizza sauce to melted cheese; stir until well dissolved
Combine cooked sausage with cheese mixture
Add 3-4 teaspoons Franks Original Hot Sauce (more for bite!); Thoroughly mix it in.

Spread onto slices of cocktail rye.

Broil until cheese is nicely browned. Enjoy!

If you're looking for a recipe with even MORE bite, eliminate the pizza sauce and double the Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It doesn't taste as much like pizza but it still tastes great!

Note: These can be prepared ahead of time and frozen on a cookie sheet. Allow to defrost slightly before broiling.