Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Can't Spell; Can't Fudge the Time. What CAN I do?

I've been so excited about Miss M finally learning to read. She's only in Kindergarten but already reading Level 3 books. She can pick up just about any book on her bookshelf and fly through it. I'm so proud of her!

However...When Miss M first started reading, I realized I couldn't just spell stuff for DH any more. She was figuring it out. So I started getting more cryptic with my conversations when she was around. Instead of "I need to go to T-R-U for her p-r-e-s-e-n-t" I had to switch it around to "I need to stop by that place over off x street to pick up the you-know-what."

Well, we just celebrated her birthday this past weekend. She's 6 (OMG)! We had some errands to run tonight then stopped out for dinner before returning home. On our way back home, we had the following conversation:
Miss M: "Mom, can we play in your bathtub tonight?" (My bathtub is a tad bigger and more conducive to 'swimming' in.)
Me: "Sorry, honey. It's late and we don't have time."
Miss M: "Mom, it's only 6:43. My bedtime isn't until 8 o'clock. There's plenty of time."
DH: About to get us into an accident because he's trying so hard not to bust a gut laughing.
Me: Speechless to Miss M. Glaring at DH. "What's so funny?"
DH: "She can tell time now. You can't get away with that any more."

So I can't spell. I can't tell her there isn't enough time before bed. What's next?  Someone lend me some new tricks to use, please! 

My 6 year old is making me feel stupid.