Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

When I was pregnant, my fail-safe food was bacon.  We had BLTs at least once a week.  I never experienced morning sickness, but I really couldn't stomach meat.  It was terrible for our health but at least I could enjoy the bacon.

Well, we had BLTs tonight and I was reminded of a post I wanted to do last month but got too busy for!  (No, I'm not pregnant.)

DH stumbled on a blog post about weaving bacon.  Sorry that I can't give that blogger credit because I don't know who it was.  He surprised me one day by making them and even taking pictures of the steps.  (Aren't DH's the best?)  I thought it was pretty cool so we decided to share the bacon weave process.  How often can you make a bacon sandwich and know there's bacon in every bite?
Here's what he did:

Three pieces of bacon
Cut each in half
Weave them together
Cook them like normal bacon
Flip them over like normal bacon (notice how they are maintaining their shape and the normal bacon isn't?)
Drain them off (oh, like normal bacon)
Add them to a sandwich. If you use normal bread, the bacon weave will cover the bread perfectly. No more concerns about bites that are all sandwich and no bacon. If three pieces of bacon aren't enough for your sandwich, then add two weaves to it!
DH - This is an awesome trick. Thanks for sharing it!