Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where, Oh Where Has She Gone?

Things have been a little berserk around her lately. This past weekend we had a garage sale so much of last week was spent preparing for that. We moved the vehicles out to the driveway so I could prepare and wouldn't you know... that huge storm we had last week dumped hail on us. We had to scramble and rearrange junk in the garage so we could get the vehicles back inside. Our summer vehicles don't have hail damage insurance on them. June. In Iowa. Hail. Umm yeah. Screwy weather. The day before my garage sale. Lovely.

Oh, and DH had a car show on Saturday. Was cool because he won a trophy for best in his class. I already knew he was best and full of class but at least now he has a trophy so everyone else knows too.

And we had to move the swing set from the neighbors house to ours since the new owners required it be removed prior to closing. We did that Friday, right after we closed up the sale for the day. Quite an exhausting day. The neighbors had a moving sale at the same time and left yesterday for their new home out of state. They were wonderful neighbors and I'm sad to see them go. Their family is going through a lot of hardship right now so it's been a sad time leading up to this.

My computer went on strike because I only turned it on for all of about 5 minutes yesterday. The only action it has seen for the past week is when I printed garage sale pricing stickers out. I'm so far behind on my blog reading (and writing) that it's going to take me forever to catch up!

And did I mention that somewhere along the line my sanity hitched a ride to anywhere but here? If it shows up at your place, please send it back.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a lot going on and I'll post something as soon as I can catch my breath. In addition to details on how the garage sale turned out, I have pictures from the storm, of the new swing set and of my (still living) garden. I also have a story in "edit" mode (has been for over a week) that I need to wrap up and post. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there while I was away!