Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm Spoiled and I Know It

DH and I are both stay-at-home parents. Thanks to some great decisions and opportunities while living in Los Angeles, we have been able to call ourselves semi-retired here in the Midwest.

I am often asked how we manage to spend so much time together and not drive each other crazy. Simple. He's wonderful. He's helpful. I love him.

I love watching him bond with the girls. It's a dramatic change from when Miss M was only one and she barely knew her dad because of all the hours he put in at work, traveling to/from work and out of town because of work. That may sound like a complaint, but it's not. Those sacrifices he made back then got us to where we are today.

The girls are at an age where they are home the majority of the day. They've grown so used to DH being around that when he goes to his volunteer job, they pester me about how long until he'll return. They want him to sing to them and play with them. They want to sit next to him at the restaurant, they fight over who gets daddy and who has to have mommy. They argue about who gets to hold his hand while walking in areas where they have to hold our hands. Am I jealous? Not even close. I'm proud. They want their dad because he's here; he's spending quality time with them and they love him - not because he's absent and they are vying for his attention.

Due to a death in his family and his uncle's sudden illness, he's been away for over a week now. With every day and every small thing I do, I realize how much I miss him. When he calls, I don't complain to him about the girls misbehaving. Considering all the circumstances, my worst day is far better than his best day right now.

Many women have husbands that travel a great deal for work. Other families are broken apart by military assignments. I applaud those people for doing all they do.

I'm spoiled to have a husband who is always around and I'm sorry I don't tell him often enough how much I appreciate him.



    WOW! Good for you guys to be blessed with your situation at such a young age. That is fantastic.

    My husband traveled A TON from 2005-2007. Then he got sick again and it all slowed down. I missed him terribly, but the boys and I got so used to his being gone, when he was around for more than a week, he was almost in my way. Sad time when it gets to that point. I'm glad to have him around again.


  • Unknown

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder! (And for some reason, it makes my husband more helpful). Hopefully he will be home soon.

  • Anonymous

    Totally cool that you and DH have this kind of understanding.

    I also really dig the reworking of this blog. Nice and clean. What resources did you use to do this? Just looking for the text, not to rip off your style.

    Pax, Sonny.

  • Nicole Brady

    Sonny - I was tired of that old standard pink template but wasn't sure I could pull off the switch. I backed up everything, did a .pdf of what my blog looked like, copied the widget codes then took the plunge. I'm really happy with it but still need to do some tweeking. I used a template from:

    I need to pick a new picture (and ditch the airplane) but I need to wait for DH to get back into town to help me with that. I'm still waiting for new posts over at your blog! Thought you might have gone and eloped with Charlotte or something! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I know. I still need to do your tag - have not forgotten that. I'll get on it.

    Thanks for the URL. I'm basically looking to add a banner and a couple of other bells and whistles.


  • Rachel

    What a blessing to have a partner you enjoy so much. I have one of those, too.
    This was a great read, I was immediately interested when I saw the title on Blogherads. Someone else admitting they're spoiled, and then having it be spoiled with love and blessings, not material possessions. Kudos.
    Great read.

  • Tara

    How wonderful to be able to both be home with your kids, even more wonderful that you took some time to say that you appreciate such a great opportunity!

  • Melissa

    Oh it sounds like you have your self a sweetie. You are making me miss mine right now :)

  • pb&j in a bowl

    I think it's awesome that both of you are able to stay at home with your girls. A bond is being formed between father and daughter that most people are never fortunate enough to see.

  • OHmommy

    That is truly a blessing to have a husband that stays home. It is amazing watching the chidlren grow day to day. I hope he comes back soon. :)

  • Crystal D

    Hi Nicole! Nice to meet you! I love when my husband takes days to work from home. It is wonderful to have him here all day. he doesn't do it often, but it is a treat when he does. But we are very lucky that his office is about 10 block from our home. He also gets to come home often for lunch and can always pop in if I need to go to the doctor or anywhere by myself. I hope your hubby makes it home safe and sound soon, sounds like you really miss him.

  • Michele

    We both work but when we are home, my hubbie spends as much time as possible with our daughter. It really is a blessing. Enjoy every minute : )

  • Paranoid

    There is nothing like watching a dad with is kids, is there? It's so nice that both you and DH get to spend tons of time with you kids.

  • judy

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  • Amy

    That is so awesome for you and your girls! When my husband is actually in town, he gets home super early so we have a lot of time with him. And I love that his hours are flexible enough for hime to be able to meet us at the zoo or go to school parties. Those bonds between daddies and their little girls are priceless!

  • Oswald

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  • katydidnot

    that is amazing. and wonderful. and rare. rarer still? that you know how rare and appreciate it. yay you.

  • katydidnot

    i thought i commented, but i don't see it. it was all about how awesome you are. i'm commenting again to determine if comment moderation is on, and i impatiently clicked by the message saying to be patient b/c comment moderation is on. anyhoo...

  • katydidnot

    um...sorry, yes moderation is on. i'm a moron. i will stop commenting now. seriously.

  • Nicole Brady

    Katydidnot -

    Yup, comment moderation is on and I got all three this morning. I thought about posting just the first, but since the second and the third cracked me up - and are a good reflection of how you write your blog - I decided to post all three.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Amy

    My husband and I were both home with our girls for the first couple of years. Now he is home and I work full time. I appreciate the time we had all together and love that he is a stay at home dad. I have two girls, and I think it is amazing that they get so much time with their daddy.