Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Kind of Jigsaw Puzzle - Pieceless

Growing up, every year for Christmas I received at least two new jigsaw puzzles. No matter how difficult, I worked them until they were done, typically within a few days of receiving them. I absolutely loved puzzles as a kid, and still do... a trait I am delighted to say that both my daughters apparently inherited. Just yesterday, we stopped by the local Dollar Tree to pick up several puzzles for Christmas. A friend recently told me that the Dollar stores are an excellent source for puzzles and that was no understatement. My husband made me stop before I bought one of each puzzle! Anyway, I have tried all different types of puzzles, the standard ones, the double sided ones, layered ones, the "World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle" series, Piece within a piece puzzles...

Until I had kids, I would retreat to a puzzle the way a lot of people retreat to a good book. So when I read about Ceaco's new Pieceless Jigsaw Puzzle on a message board today, I was completely intrigued.

I have checked out the Gamewright and Ceaco websites and am hoping to get a sample to test out. The video doesn't really give you an idea of how it goes together, just that it doesn't come apart. Even being two sided, if all the pieces are connected, wouldn't it be easy to figure out which one goes where? The website distinguishes puzzles by age, but doesn't indicate how many 'pieces' the puzzle is made up of. I am very excited to find out more about this new puzzle creation.

If I manage to get my hands on one, I'll be certain to post an opinion so other puzzle fanatics (or parents of puzzle fanatics) can add it to their Christmas lists!

Edited to add: Received it! Read for results!


  • WhiteTigress

    Wow that is really unusual. I have never been into puzzles but I'll do them once in awhile. I'm interested as to how much one will cost.

  • Melissa Russell

    Hey I just found your blog so I am going to add yours to my bloggers of interest. Great seeing ya outside the beelog


  • dotkelly

    I saw that video on SD and thought it was a joke at first..I'm not sure if I'd really like it or really dislike it! I mean, I ALWAYS end up with some puzzles missing their pieces (and I love puzzles so it actually hurts my heart :( ) but I'm not sure if it would really have the same "search and rescue" feel that traditional puzzles have. :P

    Ahh, the future of puzzles..

  • Melissa Russell

    I love the challenge of puzzles. I like how the tease the mind. I often times find great solace in putting a puzzle together. Love the Dollar stores, one could almost furnish ones home with knick knacks by shopping there. Happy Monday

  • Anonymous

    I'm 64 started doing puzzles as soon as I could sit at Grandma's card table because there was always one in progress. But at one 500 pc puzzle a night and adding two playful cats to the table, I finally switched to Jigsaw Mania, a $19.95 software you can download that comes with 600 puzzles. In addition, you can create puzzles from your own photos or download any jpeg from the internet. I hit photo sharing sites, poster shops, so there's no end of puzzles and no further cost past the original $19.95. There are lots of other software programs, but this one is the closest I found to actually working on a jigsaw. You can even download it for a free trial with just a few puzzles if you want to try it, but decide not to puchase it. I love puzzles with dark skies and nothing but stars, anything difficult.