Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you have a minute to spare?

Every once in a while, something comes along that has the potential to really make your day. Since I tend to spend a bit of time entering contests on various blogs, sometimes I win fun things like movie passes, gadgets or board games.

Well, tonight I found out that I'm a finalist to win a new HP TouchSmart computer from HighTechDad and HP. Just in time for Christmas, too. It's very exciting to be name one of 10 finalists. Yes, I have a 1 in 10 chance of winning. Sort of.

It's a popularity contest. The person with the most votes this Thursday at noon Pacific time will win. I hate popularity contests. But I feel like I have a great network of friends in the blogging community that can help me win. It only takes like a minute to click over and vote. There are no strings attached, you don't even have to leave your name. It's so easy that even a cave... (I hate those commercials but it just seems to fit here.)

So all that I'm asking is for you to Click here and vote. I'm #7 (SahmReviews)

...and hopefully, you'll spread the word to friends and have them vote too.



  • Unknown

    Dang! I was too late to vote! Did you win?

  • Nicole Brady

    Thanks for asking, but unfortunately not. There was a problem with invalid voting and HighTechDad decided to call the contest null and void. Nobody won.

    Basically, people were cheating and voting multiple times and someone was running up votes using a script and back-door to the poll. Then, the HighTechDad site got hammered (by bots) and totally shut down. Nobody could get on to vote, HighTechDad even had to switch hosting services... it was a total mess.

    Many of us said "Just donate it to charity" but the guy who was in first (who had votes in question) cried fowl. He said he was in the lead when it crashed and didn't have anything to do with the people cheating on his behalf so he shouldn't be punished. (There were people bragging about voting for him multiple times.)

    Basically, HighTechDad decided it would be better to just tell HP to not give it to anyone.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help me win!

  • Kailani

    I just went over to vote and read what happened! It's so sad since he was just trying to do something nice. :-(

    An Island Life

  • Unknown

    Omigosh! That TouchSmart is AWESOME! Sorry that no one got that! hmmm.. I think I'll look into getting something like that!