Saturday, April 12, 2008

Would You Buy This Cookbook for 25 cents?

Last night was the opening of the Spring book sale at our local library. It's like Christmas in April because all books (with the exception of a handful of specialty books) are $.25 each.

While DH takes a leisurely approach to gathering software or business books, I am much more dramatic. I head straight for the children's books grabbing anything that looks like it would make decent reading material for story time with the girls. Now that Miss M is an emerging reader, I've been keeping an eye out for beginner reading books also. It's total chaos, but it's a fun kind of chaos. We even talked my dad into coming with us this year. Before leaving our house, I offered him a tote bag for his finds. He kind of laughed at me because he didn't think he would need it. I got the final laugh when I saw him at the sale, toting along a FULL bag. But, hey, the books were only a quarter. Even if you had the slightest notion that you might be interested in a particular book, you can afford to buy it. Which was the inspiration for my title question.

I love cookbooks, so when I was done in the children's section, I ventured to the cookbook corner. It was pretty well picked through, but I found a few interesting ones like one on the Glycemic index and one on Flax. I also found a few on soups and crock pot recipes. But as I was about to call it quits, I found this: How many cookbook collectors have this in their collection? Would YOU buy it for a quarter?

Umm. Yeah. Only in Iowa. Be very, very cautious the next time I invite you over for dinner.

On a side note, Smockity Frocks posted about all the books she just landed from her local sale. It's that time of year.

Don't be jealous of everything we got. You can find a sale in your area too. Check with your local library or surf over to Book Sale Finder for mapping out your local library book sales!


  • Anonymous

    Hilarious. There's another book like this on Texas roadkill too that's pretty funny. Something called "Beer in the Rear Chicken" which involved placing a choice can of Schlitz instead of stuffing in...yeah, you get the idea. At least four suggested ideas on baked armadillo, et cetera.

    Seems like a good place to start for girls' lit would be Laura Ingalls Wilder...Secret Garden...Caddie Woodlawn...Witch of Blackbird Pond...Alice in Wonderland...CS Lewis...and Black Beauty. My horse-nut sis would kill me if I didnae mention Black Beauty.

    Sorry. Lit Geek. I'll stop now. Funny post.


  • MommyTime

    Thanks for the really kind comment you left on my uncomfortable post. I know it wasn't fun to read, but I'm glad it was good to read.

    This, by the way, is hilarious. I don't know if I'd actually COOK anything out of it -- but I would have had to buy it just for the giggle value. And then I would leave it in a conspicuous place the next time I had people over for dinner, and not say anything at all about it, just to see if they'd bring it up. :) But I'm silly like that.

  • pb&j in a bowl

    I would totally buy that book, and leave it sitting on the counter every time I invited friends over for dinner. I haven't found a decent book sale in a long time. . . it is ALWAYS worth it when you do.

  • Miss Lisa

    It would totally sell in Texas. Jamie Oliver just did a show on wild 'game' and used pigeons (rats with wings) in a lot of dishes---gag!

  • Tara

    EEEWWW I would so buy it and bring it out when people (you know, those people who invite themselves) come and show no signs of leaving when dinner time is approaching.

    I might share it with invited/wanted guests as a good laugh though, lol.

  • Michele

    I have never heard of a library doing a sale for 25 cent books. I am totally jealous. I have to check with mine. And ad an FYI if you don't already know this but you probably do, if you ended up with books you don't want, you can probably sell them on That roadkill cookbook might be worth a small fortune on there : )

  • Cassie - Homeschooling Four

    I've seen this cookbook before but I have never ventured in to see the recipes.

  • Nicole Brady

    Sonny - Thank lit geek. I hadn't even thought of starting to read any of those to the girls yet. I'll have to test the waters!
    mommytime - I doubt I'll be cooking anything out of this book and yes, the giggle factor (and blog fodder) is EXACTLY why I purchased it.
    pb&J in a bowl - Yup, it's destined for a counter next time someone is over. Preferably someone that hasn't figured out our sense of humor!
    Lisa - That probably explains the reason that Texas has a book too (as mentioned by Sonny)
    Tara - I don't think books like this help scare off those people who invite themselves over.
    Michele - You'll have to check with your local libraries. I've enjoyed every sale I've been to. Chaos and all!
    Cassie - It's stuff like "Scalloped Chipmunks" and "Interstate Potluck".