Monday, November 5, 2007

New Exercise Gadget – A Must Have?

DH and I have been watching Everyday Edisons on PBS recently. It's similar to the American Inventor show created by the American Idol people, but it follows the story beyond just selecting a winner. There are a handful of inventors that bring concepts forward and the folks at Everyday Edisons retool them, rename them, perfect them – and bring them to market.

On a recent episode, we watched the story of the Workout 180 Exercise System. Essentially, it's a balance unit that clips into a base to convert it to a step unit. There are different bands built into it for use in strength training and Pilates. In my workout regimen (if we want to call it that), I do cardio and strength two days per week, toning two days per week and one day of step. The diversity of the three instructors provides for a good variety of workout methods including step, band, stability ball, weights and occasionally Bosu. Having a class utilizing the Workout 180 might be a fun new way to incorporate the same types of equipment. Even having one in a home gym might be pretty cool, not that I have a home gym. Anyway, mentioned the gadget to one of my instructors today and joked that I would probably topple the thing over since balance really isn't my thing. She just smiled and said "Maybe that's what you need then." Hmmm.

Unfortunately, my Google searches have come up empty – with the exception of the PBS Everyday Edisons website and the following YouTube demonstration video.

I kicked an email off to inventor Jen Holloway in hopes of getting additional information. I'll be sure to post and update if I hear anything more. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new inventions that premiered on Everyday Edisons. They cover a great range including a stroller, teacher grading pen, drywall T-Square, cutting board and several others items.

EDIT: Wow. I asked for more information and received emails from both Andy at Everyday Edisons and the 180's inventor, Jen Holloway. Looks like it won't be available for purchase until after Christmas, so guess we'll have to put it on our post-Christmas wish-list. Guess that's the best time to get it anyway since we'll be working out to ditch the holiday pounds! I'll post more information (like the website) once it's live. Thanks Jen and Andy for your quick responses!


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I ordered this and I though others should know...this product does not come with a video. It comes with a book that isn't spiral bound which makes it difficult to try to learn the moves and do them at the same time. And the huge "quick reference" poster is printed on both sides so it's difficult to hang. I had emailed customer service prior to ordering inquiring whether or not this included a DVD but got no response. Unfortunately, I ordered it anyway and now I am bummed.

  • Joey Atlas

    Thats one of the BIGGEST problems with fitness/exercise products on the market - hardly any hat are worth using come with DVDs to instruct the user on proper workout programs, etc...

    I have plans of my own for 2 pieces that we are developing as we speak ;-)

    Stay tuned,
    Joey Atlas,
    Author of Fatness to Fitness
    (Google me)
    or Join me here:

  • Anna

    You'll be happy to know the makers of the Workout 180 have just launched a new site It seems to answer the request for instruction and definitely solves the boredom problem. You can now stream 180 workouts online from their Master Trainers and members.